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DiskMapper is a remarkable utility that frees up megabytes and megabytes of hard disk space - quickly and easily by showing you a useful, graphical, color-coded map of your hard disk. DiskMapper lets you quickly delete or compress programs and files you don't need or rarely use. Why waste time and money installing a larger drive when you can reclaim the space you need.

DiskMapper Screen Example

DiskMapper is more effective than file managers because it finds space wasting files much faster, shows an overview of your drive, and quickly finds large files hidden in deep subdirectories.

Instead of replacing your hard drive you'll save hundreds of dollars, hours of disk drive installation time, and you won't risk your data in the transition to a new drive.

Click here for more details. Get the specs on Version 2 or the NT version. Or review interim  upgrades.

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Note: If you own version 1of Disk Mapper you are eligible for the upgrade pricing.

Patent # 5,987,469

For Windows 95,98, 2000, ME, XP.

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"Every once in a while... not very often, but now and then, a utility program comes along that blows your socks off. So it is with DiskMapper. This thing is great! I'd really like to tell you all about it right now, but first I want to show you the main screen. As the saying goes... a picture paints a thousand words... ".

MPC Digest, Jim Rooney

"... I've imagined my hard drive to look like something Michelangelo might have sketched: orderly, with just a touch of architectural exactness.
In reality our hard drives look like Fibber McGees closet: a big chunk of space for Lotus Suite, a smaller chunk for Full-Tilt Pinball, a huge chunk for Windows, and a chunk the size of Rhode Island for free space - and all ready to spill out and bonk us on the head if we open it.
DiskMapper is a program that presents our hard disks in the light of day, generating a multicolored map that represents what's there and how it's arranged. Even if that's all DiskMapper did, it would be worth a permanent spot, (only 500K) on your hard drive. But ... it does much more.
DiskMapper will let you get deep into your hard disk. You can find files you haven't used in a long time, and you can delete, compress, or launch them just by clicking. You can zoom in, getting into sub-directories you hardly knew existed, and you can color-code what you find or give them three-dimensional attributes."

Washington DC Post, Harold Glicken

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