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Info Select for Palm Organizer

Info Select for Palm Organizer lets you keep all your random information with you in your pocket, fully organized in outline form. Use it standalone or with Info Select for Windows. 

When used with Info Select for Windows, a powerful method of synchronizing data between the Palm Organizer and your PC allows you to keep both applications up to date even if you make changes on both computers. Even groups of people can synchronize important information.  

Info Select for Palm implements the essential features of Info Select for Windows.

  • Outlining
  • Searching
  • Ticklers
  • Powerful sync
  • Beam data
  • Import from standard apps
  • and more!

The portable Info Select provides a great way to organize notes, lists, addresses, todo's, ideas, and all the assorted information you need while away from your desk in one handy application. You can also import data from the built-in Palm applications.

New version 2!

A major upgrade of Info Select for Palm is now available. This exciting new upgrade includes numerous new features. If you already own version 2 of Info Select for Palm you can download the latest interim release of Version 2 free. If you own version 1of Info Select for Palm you are eligible for the upgrade pricing.

To order please use the shopping cart below.

Download here. (Available by download only.)

See interim (minor) upgrades info.

Palm Organizer Personal, Professional, III, IIIx, V, M100, M505, Zire and all higher models running Palm OS 3.x, 4.x, 5.x. HandSpring Visor, Sony Clie, Treo 600 and Treo 650 PalmOne LifeDrive models are also supported.

Runs on devices with any memory size. Application takes ~120kb.
Memory Cards are not currently supported.

If you want to coordinate data on your PC you need Info Select for Windows version 7.00.31 or higher. If you own an earlier version of version 7 you can upgrade free here, otherwise you can order here.

If you don't own a Palm Organizer unit, you can order one here.

(For the status of support for other platforms click here.)

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I love the palm version as much as the desktop.

Bob Page

I just downloaded the final code. Well done folks!! Looks like you have a real winner here.

Mark Gitlitz

This is exactly what the Pilot needs.

Tom Soldau

Congratulations! .... It has become my information manager of choice on the Palm...  Sync-ing with IS5 works just about flawlessly.... both ways. The external keyboard support is something I had not expected to see so soon. As a Go-Type user, I welcome it. It's become easy to develop a set of notes on the Palm (say, at a meeting or in a library), sync to IS5 on the desktop, and print with just about no editing needed. Even if no further improvements are made, ISPalm will be a keeper. On the Palm, I've used BrainForest and HiNote extensively, and have some experience with ThoughtMill. At this point in its development, ISPalm has become more useful to me than any of the other Palm thought organizers. Again, congratulations!

Tom Thorpe

My wife recently gave me a Palm V as a gift. Keeping important information in sync was a pain in the neck. But now that I have Info Select for the Palm, I have access to my most important information 24-7. No conversions, no muss, no fuss.

Gary Klimowicz

With version 2.0 of IS for Palm and 7 for Windows you have hit the jackpot. Everything works perfectly. I am finally able to say good bye to Microsoft Outlook.

Mike Utecht

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Two Products
Info Select for Windows and Info Select for Palm are two separate products. If you want to manage data only on your Palm you only need Info Select for Palm. If you want to manage data only on your desktop you only need Info Select for Windows. If you want to manage data on both and synchronize between your desktop and Palm you need both products. Volume discounts begin at 10 units.

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