Jim's Puzzle Collection

I love puzzles. Here are a few from my collection.
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This is a deceptively simple looking puzzle. You hook this into someone's button hole while they are looking away. The rope ties through the hole with a "Ring" knot. This is the type of knot you get when you pull a rubberband through a key ring, then through itself, and pull tight. Then you ask the shirt wearer to remove it! (The rope passes through a hole in the bar and is not long enough to pass over the other end. The rope is made continuous by gluing or melting its ends together.) You can easily make one of these. (From: A friend got this for me somewhere in Japan.)


Remove the washer. After a few minutes I said to myself, this has got to be the first one with no solution. I was wrong of course! Can you guess the solution just from the screen? (From: Bits 'N Pieces 800-544-7297)


Spill out the T's. Flip it over for a slightly smaller square recess and put the T's back. If you have mind boggeling visualization abilities you might be able to do this in your head! (From: Brookstone)


Move the ring to the other loop. Solve this in your head for a real challenge or build it. (The loop on the right goes down and out to the left. The balls can fit through the ring.) (From: unknown)


Remove the rope. (From: Bits 'N Pieces 800-544-7297)


Put the colored blocks back in the tower. This one cannot be solved on screen and its contruction is too hard to describe - sorry. (From: Bits 'N Pieces 800-544-7297)


Using just your hands there is a way to make this puzzle-gadget do something very strange. The rings go into a crazy sympathetic vibration spinning at wild speeds. It's really weird! (The large and small rings are steel.) (From: The Nature Company store)


Get the spokey thing out of the cage! No hammers. Spock might be able to solve this one in his head but not the rest of us! (From: Bits 'N Pieces 800-544-7297)


Remove the ring. Solvable on screen only by the best. (The wood disks fit through the slot and the balls fit through the ring and the ring is larger than the upright post.) (From: unknown)


Balance all the nails on the head of the upright nail. The nails should be supported only by the head of the upright nail. Easy to build at home. (All nails are the same.) (From: unknown)

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