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We would like to invite ECCO users to try Info Select, the award-winning PIM that some consider closer in philosophy to ECCO than any other.

  • Both products are centered around outlining.

  • Both products are strong in dealing with free-form information.

  • Info Select is even stronger than ECCO in searching, e-mail, sorting, word-processing, speed, ease of use, and more.

  • Info Select has been with one publisher, Micro Logic, since its beginning in 1986.

You are encouraged to try Info Select under a no-risk money back guarantee.

Comments from ECCO users
"Great job folks! IS 5 is great - I love it! This is the version that has finally gotten me to switch over from Ecco." -- Richard Goldstein

"BTW - my wife and I have been using IS for the first time since Tuesday, and it is FABULOUS!!!!! Thanks" -- Vance Masterson


Switching from Ecco to Info Select
More and more Ecco users are switching to Info Select because much of the underlying philosophy is similar, namely outlining, the free-form nature, customizability, and orientation towards random information. This sidebar offers a few thoughts on making the switch.

Most PIMs do not import data from other PIMs and Info Select is not an exception. The main reason is that different PIMs have different data structures. Info Select does import from standard formats like text, comma delimited, DBF (DBase), etc. And of course the clipboard can be used for transferring data.

There are two main approaches to making the transition from Ecco - you can try to move your data over or you can use the osmosis method. With the osmosis method you run both applications for a limited time. You use Ecco to lookup old information and Info Select to enter and lookup new information. You will be surprised how quickly you get to where you are using Info Select 90% of the time. At that point you can take Ecco out of your auto-startup group and run it only occasionally when you need to find some old data. The osmosis method is often better than trying to export and import because of the differences in the data structures between the two products.

In terms of how Info Select works you will find many differences. For example, words don't wrap in the outline. This was done to insure that the outline shows an overview of as many items as possible. When you have more than one line of text, in Info Select you create a Note which is like a wordprocessing document. Notes appear on the right side of the screen to the right of the outline.

There are more differences that you will discover but over time you will appreciate the power of Info Select. Making the transition will be well worth your effort.