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"I like writing about Info Select because I probably use it more than any other piece of workday software, next to my Google home page. ... Info Select 2007, available at, brims with so many office and personal productivity features that there are not enough words to cover them all ... Micro Logic's programmers transformed what had been a sturdy and spunky Honda Civic of a tool into what I consider the Rolls-Royce of desktop driving.."
James Coates - Chicago Tribune

Info SelectInfo Select is the award-winning "Personal Information Manager" that helps you manage all your daily random information in a remarkably powerful way.

With just three easy commands - create Note, create Topic, and Search - you can open a new world of information management that will change the way you work and think.

Info Select users repeatedly say the software changes their lives. Whether information comes flying across your desk or is collected from the internet you'll use Info Select numerous times every day. 

Best of all you can find any data in an instant, no matter where or how you entered it. Find valuable notes, ideas, e-mail addresses, contacts, plans, numbers, web page addresses, configuration notes, or anything else. Info Select finds whatever you need, so quickly and easily you'll be amazed. When Fred calls you on the phone you'll have your notes on Fred about as fast as you can say "Hello".  When you need to recall your Fedex account number you'll have it in a second. When you want to collect your notes on subject X for a meeting you'll be prepared in no time.

Info Select puts you in total, time-saving, money-making control of all your RANDOM information.

Info Select is so flexible you can virtually run a business from it. You can apply Info Select in more ways than you can imagine.

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"Editors' Choice Award." and "Must Have Application" (more).

PC Magazine

"Editors' Choice Award." - twice

PC World

"A perfect report card."

Chicago Tribune

"Hands-down best piece of software in the English-speaking world." (more).

Computer Shopper

"Rarely do I recommend a product as wholeheartedly!"

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Info Select goes around the world

Info Select was used in the control center in Geneva Airport by the team from Cameron Balloons that managed the record breaking first around-the-world flight by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones in their Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon.
Flight Director Alan Noble used Info Select because "When flying a balloon you can never be certain where you are going to end up, or which areas you will pass over. So it is very important to have instant access to background information about subjects such as local meteorological services or the phone, fax and telex number of the nearest air traffic control unit." All this information - and more - was placed into Info Select. So if it appeared that a country could be over flown unexpectedly, such as when approaching Yemen, the vital job of contacting that country's embassy and knowing the person to talk to, was all handled by Info Select. Alan Noble commented: "All this information is easily and instantly accessible by everyone without training. Info Select proved very simple to use, very flexible, and amazingly fast. It helped us keep the balloon on the straight and narrow. And it does a similar but less exciting job for us every day at our offices in Bristol".

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