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You've probably surfed by all kinds of software - software that tweaks your system or makes something prettier. Info Select is different. Info Select opens a whole new way to deal with information - whether the information comes flying across your desk or whirling thru cyberspace. Info Select will make your investment in your computer really pay off - guaranteed.

Info Select is the award-winning Personal Information Manager that helps you manage all your daily random information and organize all your Internet data.

Super Search

The best part of Info Select is that you can find any data in an instant, no matter where or how you enter it. You can store all your valuable notes, ideas, e-mail addresses, contacts, plans, numbers, web page addresses, configuration notes, and slips of paper flying around your desk -- information that can be more important to you than any other kind of information! Info Select finds whatever you need, instantly.

How it works

Instead of jotting down notes, ideas, lists, etc. on paper, in your word processor, in a Database, or in a structured PIM, you put all your random facts and data in Info Select. It's simple and even fun! Before you know it, you'll have dozens and dozens of RANDOM bits of information in Info Select. Then the magic slowly happens:

The phone rings. It's Fred Frampton. Panic! Who on earth is Fred Frampton? Mouse click ... F ... R ... E ... D ... POP! Four windows appear containing all the notes you entered from previous conversations with Fred. To your relief you are reminded as to why he is calling.

Info Select is also ideal for your to-do lists; Internet notes, sites, and text clippings; all your addresses and phone numbers; and for any other RANDOM information. Users tell us over and over again that they put their whole life into Info Select.

Once you put all your information in Info Select, with the powerful search feature you'll discover new relationships among your information. And you'll be delighted with how you can easily find, join, summarize, duplicate, and organize your information -- at mind boggling speeds. It's a new experience in computing. You'll manage all sorts of information that directly impacts your daily life -- without hassles, without complex commands, and without cumbersome preparations.

RANDOM Information

Why has our RANDOM information management software been so successful? Because the real world is not made out of rows and columns! Harry's phone number ... the information you downloaded two weeks ago ... and the bright idea you had yesterday is all RANDOM information.

Now, you may already be using a word processor (or spreadsheet or database or structured PIM) to store this kind of information. Well, doing so is like driving a nail with the back end of a screwdriver. It's simply the wrong tool. Why waste valuable time, miss important relationships between your data, and even lose money from incomplete information? With Info Select you will finally be able to organize all your random information. You will track information as if you had a photographic memory! You will manage projects with command of every detail.

It doesn't matter what profession you are in -- users include business owners, consultants, economists, managers, photographers, technicians, designers, editors, engineers, exporters, journalists, lawyers, physicians, pilots, professors, sales people, writers, and countless others.

Example Uses

You're in the middle of a busy day -- going crazy with 14 different things. You need some critical bit of information like an address or phone number. Without Info Select you might spend a half-hour scrambling through your desk, file folders, disk files, or cumbersome field oriented PIM or contact manager ... searching everywhere. But now you have Info Select. In a second you have all the information you need -- quickly and easily.

Next, you need to select a super-duper "wizbang" for your office. You've collected notes for the last three weeks. Now it's time to gather them together to make the right decision. Without Info Select you might cut corners and make a hasty decision. But what if it took just a single blazingly fast second to get all your notes together on wizbangs? You'd make a better decision ... save money ... and walk away like a genius!

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Order from chaos
Steve Young - CNN

Well, it's time to make a bold confession --when it comes to PIMs, I was wrong. I have in mind Micro Logic's Info Select, a different kind of information manager which has become central to my working and private life. Info Select contains the power to put all of my reporter contacts on tap -- even if I've forgotten somebody's first name, last name, company or contact date. It lets me whip through the equivalent of oceans of Post-It notes when the phone rings, I recognize a voice, but can't recall when I and the person on the other end of the line met. It can make a messy desk neat. What's cool about the product is that if you don't want to get pigeon-holed into using pre-determined templates, you don't have to. Info Select is fundamentally easy to use (at least the basic functions are). It's a lot like a stack of Post-Its or 3" x 5" cards. You can start a new note just be clicking on an icon or from the pulldown menu at the toolbar. The power of Info Select is its ability to drill through thousands of records to find the one, the few or the many that contain what you're searching for. I can type "IBM" and pull up notes from every IBM story I've done over the last decade, and every IBM contact -- all in about a second.
Nothing has organized my life more efficiently than Info Select. It is my absolute favorite software program -- bar none. Info Select is a combination shoebox, Rolodex and secretary. It's so intertwined in my working day it often feels like a companion. It's gotten slicker over the years and adopted a prettier interface. It's also been a great way to manage restaurant lists, "To Do" lists and so forth. It has a built-in calendar that allows you to do long-range scheduling and jogs your memory with visual and auditory alarms. I admit it -- I was wrong about personal-information managers. Info Select gives PIMs at least one good name.

It's no exaggeration to say that Info Select has changed my life. I now feel like my computer is an extension of my brain.

HS, Beverly Hills, CA

Of the many software programs I own, there are few programs I use on a daily basis. One of the most important is INFO SELECT. It's hard to imagine it being improved.


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