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Info Select Version 3 Description
Info Select: The fastest most remarkable way to save and find all the information you collect from e-mail and web sites...

Web sites are a wonderful way to collect the information you need. But managing all the information can be overwhelming. How do you:

  • find a web address mentioned in an e-mail two months ago?
  • remember the web addresses that you want to visit?
  • organize tips and suggestions collected from multiple sources?
  • store contacts noted in a message from an e-mail list?
  • track the new ideas you get from web sites?

You don’t want to miss opportunities because you can’t find the piece of information you need. And you should not have to waste time trying to remember which e-mail has the information you need.

Info Select offers you a way to intelligently store
and organize all the web information you collect ...
and to find what you need instantly.

Info Select is the personal information manager for visionaries – people like you, who actively seek out and leverage diverse information.

Using Info Select is easy. Just put the information you need into Info Select, and then use its incredibly fast search mechanism to find what you need in seconds.

How it works

There are two ways to use Info Select to manage facts and tips from e-mail messages and web sites. You can use Info Select as your new e-mail reader or you can use Info Select with your current e-mail reader.

When you use Info Select as your e-mail reader, you can use Info Select to read, write, store, organize, and instantly search your e-mail messages. This way you can store your e-mail, notes, and other information all together in one place. All information and e-mails on the same topic can be stored together.

Alternatively, if you choose to stay with your current e-mail reader, you simply cut & paste the information you want to save into Info Select. Here’s how it works:

Highlight the text you want to keep

Paste it into Info Select

Search by any word – or even any part of a word

Let’s say that a month has passed. You remember reading a message about a book by Ogilvy and you know you saved the message. But you don’t remember where in Info Select you put it. (Was it under Books or Mail offers?)

Just issue the Search command and type in "Ogi" (the first few letters of "Ogilvy").

The red squares indicate that Info Select has found 12 notes that include the text "Ogi" before you can even finish typing in the word "Ogilvy". All relevant notes containing this text are instantly collected for you.

There’s more

The more information you collect, the more valuable Info Select becomes...

  • Imagine how useful it would be to instantly search all the information you collected -- over a period of half a year, about any topic -- among thousands of notes.
  • Imagine getting organized without wasting time entering data into a structured program.
  • Imagine viewing the information you collect from a half dozen different angles in just seconds.

Storing, organizing, and finding information is just part of what Info Select can do for you. When you are ready, there is much more power:

  • Use Info Select as a full featured Personal Information Manager (PIM)
  • Do more complex searches using fuzzy logic
  • Add notes from phone conversations
  • Schedule events and set ticklers
  • Share information with co-workers
  • Create summary reports, printing information in text or outline form
  • Link related information
  • And much more

Info Select is the best way to organize web and e-mail information. Find out more about Info Select or get started using Info Select today.  

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Info World

"Info Select is a real bargain. ... makes keeping track of random information almost as easy as remembering your own name."

Chicago Sun Times

"None is more impressive than Micro Logic's Info Select, largely because it manages to provide numerous features with a fairly simple Windows interface."

New York Times

"If, in spite of the computer on your desk, you still scrawl notes on memo pads, Post-it slips, ... and the backs of envelope, [get] Info Select."

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