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Working on a new project or managing one is never easy. Miscellaneous information comes at you from different directions and somehow you have to put it all together and take control.

But databases are too structured, wordprocessors aren't designed for this type of information, and spreadsheets just don't compute when it comes to unstructured thoughts, ideas, and facts.

Info Select is great for storing project information. The example above shows a project organized by outline on the left and detailed notes on the right. Info Select is designed to let you just throw information in - in any order and sort things out as time goes on. You can be as disorganized or organized as you like. Managing complex information was never this easy. Info Select - the one place for all your random information.

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This is a terrific program, to which I have become utterly addicted.

Robert Lee Whitmire

I am the Editor of Journal of Office Technology. I have been using IS ever since I reviewed it for JOT around 7 years ago. InfoSelect is a fabulous product. What particularly impressed me about it was not only that it handled real-world "random" notes and information but that it was FAST and efficient.

John Stuppy, Editor - Journal of Office Technology

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