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Info Select 8 features

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100+ more features

More than 100 features have been improved, polished, or corrected based on feedback from our valued customers.

For example, Info Select version 8:

  • automatically re-tries sending and receiving e-mail when a connection is broken
  • prints, exports or sends the e-mail Address Book
  • allows separate greeting and ending text for each person you email
  • automatically updates your help file
  • automatically backs up the program settings each time you make changes and restores them in one click
  • offers easy wizards to setup network data sharing or make a database
  • retains formatting of items synchronized with Info Select for Palm
  • can search within the current Search Filter
  • prevents Topics and Deliveries from overflowing
  • offers a Divider element to visually group items in the Selector
  • allows for recurring events on "last day of month" (e.g last thursday)
  • allows drop-down selection of your "From" address (when you have multiple e-mail accounts)
  • allows adjustment of cell formatting in Grids
  • allows to add words to the spell-check dictionary by right-clicking
  • allows to set captions for Web Page items
  • improves the Selector Grid
  • improves the main menu structure
  • adds helpful tips to the Tools | Options dialog
  • allows a Checkbox field in Forms and Databases