Password & Expiration FAQ

When will I get my password?
If you ordered online the download version, your temporary password is provided immediately online. Password is also in email confirmation if purchased after 7/19/02. Your activation password will arrive by email before the temporary password expires.

I ordered but did not get a password.
If you ordered online you may have missed the password screen - enter your order again and specify "do not duplicate" under Special Instructions. Or wait for your password in the email. If you ordered by mail or phone, your password will be mailed to you.

Can you lookup my password for me?
Click here to place your request for a password lookup.

Why is my software expiring?
Click here.

Where is my Password?
& I lost my password.
If you ordered by download between 10/1/99 and 03/23/04  your password is located on a square cardboard CD: 


If before 11/1/99 it's on a printed certificate sheet:

samplecertificate.gif (6847 bytes)

One of these would have been mailed to you in a letter envelope. If you ordered the physical product (by UPS etc) your password is located on a white label on the CD/Disk itself.


How do I enter my password?
Some products show you a dialog where you can enter your password upon first running the application. If the application is already installed, first run the application and then go to the menu and choose Help | Activation. On Palm Organizers access the menu by pressing the Menu button.

I have my password but there are problems with using it.
Click here.

How can I avoid losing my password?
Store your password on paper in a safe place - you will need it each time you reinstall after changing hard disks, computers, or operating systems. Do not store your password to Info Select inside Info Select.

Can I use my beta password for a released product?
Yes, until we send you the activation password which is scheduled to arrive before the temporary password expires.




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