Message from the CEO

Customer value and experience is at the heart of everything we do. At Micro Logic (MLC) we know our success relies on your ability to easily design quality custom parts at a competitive price. We believe in making custom manufacturing easy and accessible for everyone, in continuous process improvement to drive sustainable cost reduction, and in building a resilient supply chain by reducing delays, shortages and challenges faced by your business.

Along with our values, these beliefs underlie our 3 initiatives: Customer-Focused Roadmap, Continuous Improvement and Securing a Resilient Supply Chain.

Our product roadmap is focused on you, the customer, and manufacturing made easy. Manufacturing made easy for MLC means faster and easier product design, and offering pricing and quoting tools that you want to bring your ideas to life.

We are committed to investing in our quality assurance program which our customers depend on. Moreover, we are focused on reducing waste to reduce our costs and environmental impact. As such, our process improvement initiative focuses on improving inventory levels, first-time-right in production, invoicing, QC, and on-time delivery. We are making smart investments to maintain and upgrade equipment for efficiency and precision and our goal is to reduce cycle-time and lead-time while remaining flexible with production-shifting, subcontracting and overtime to meet customer demand.

At MLC, we are focused on strengthening and securing a resilient supply chain by analyzing the risks in our supply chain, taking quick action to eliminate or mitigate the risks, multi-sourcing our raw materials and suppliers, improving the visibility of the stock and capacity of our suppliers and improving the agility of our operations.

We strive to make custom parts accessible to everyone and to make guaranteed quality printed circuit boards by continuously innovating smarter tools that make it faster and easier for you to bring your designs to life.

Together, the impressive Micro Logic team and I, thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

James Wright, CEO

James Wright