About Company

Located in Northern New Jersey, Micro Logic is a privately held corporation that began publishing software in 1986. Micro Logic’s mission is to make custom manufacturing easy by providing leading-edge productivity software that is easy to use and high quality products on time.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To make custom parts accessible to everyone.
Vision: Smarter, Faster, Easy to use tools and products to bring your designs and ideas to life.

Micro Logic Values

  1. Prioritize safety.
  2. Focus on the customers’ experience.
  3. Respect customers and each other.
  4. Innovate swiftly.
  5. Ensure quality.
  6. Maintain integrity.
  7. Embrace diversity & teamwork.
  8. Act with urgency.
  9. Commit to transparency.
  10. Improve continuously.
Different color printed circuit boards