About Company

Located in Northern New Jersey, Micro Logic is a privately held corporation that began publishing software in 1986. Micro Logic’s mission is to make custom manufacturing easy by providing leading-edge productivity software that is easy to use and high quality products on time.

Mission and Vision

Mission: To make custom parts accessible to everyone.
Vision: Smarter, Faster, Easy to use tools and products to bring your designs and ideas to life.

Micro Logic Values

  1. Safety first, so we all get home safe.
  2. Focus on the customer and treat them like they want to be treated and treat others in the workplace the way they want to be treated.
  3. Introduce new technology that makes it easier for customers to get quality products faster.
  4. Always go the extra mile for quality.
  5. Give customers and coworkers your attention, listen to their opinions and discuss with empathy.
  6. Do the right thing, even behind closed doors, for others and for the environment.
  7. Fast is better than slow and now is better than later.
  8. Win together by encouraging and supporting each other to take advantage of their unique strengths. We believe in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  9. Be open, communicate with honesty and take accountability for our customer’s experience in getting their products delivered on-time and right the first time.
Different color printed circuit boards