Downloading Difficulties

If you experience any difficulty downloading, you can try again (you do NOT need to order again). Consider the following remedies:

This site is hosted by one of the largest web site hosting services. If you can’t connect or can’t complete a download the problem is more likely at your end or a general internet slowdown.

Consider trying again at a different time.
Consider using, on a temporary basis, the connection of a friend or associate.
When you point to the download hyperlink make sure the status bar shows a file name that reflects the product you seek.
If you get a message that your browser “Doesn’t have a plug in for Application.exe” try right clicking instead of left. and select SaveAs.

Check file size is correct
Make sure the file you downloaded matches the size shown on the download page (if shown). (The date should be the date of the download or the date shown on the download page.) If not, you may have an incomplete file or a file of a prior version. There are several possible resolutions:

  • Try again.
  • Try a different type of web connection – for example, if you are in an organization, try a home modem connection (or that of a friend).
  • See Cache problems below.

Cache problems
Downloads that occur too quickly or files size not matching that shown on the download web page are two symptoms of cache problems. Your browser, company connection, or service provider may have cached a prior version of the file. Consider the following remedies:

  • Ask your network administrator or service provider how to bypass the cache and get the actual file that is on the miclog web site.
  • Try issuing the Refresh command in your browser.
  • Delete the download file in the cache subdirectory in Explorer
  • Use another browser temporarily.
  • Clear browser’s cache. In Internet Explorer click Tools | Properties | General | Temporary Internet Files | Delete Files.
  • Wait a day or two for your service provider to update its cache.

Password & Expiration difficulty 
For password and expiration issues click here.

Difficulty Installing

If you are having difficulty installing consider these options:

  • Try downloading again to make sure the file is good and make sure the size is right – especially if you receive an error message from the setup program.
  • Install on another computer to insure that there are no problems on your primary computer.

Contact Us
If the above does not help, please contact us.