Info Select 11 Release History

09/21/2016 – version 11.00.28. Final release.

10/12/2016 – version 11.00.29
Fixed: Saving data, reading settings, processing temporary files.

11/14/2016 – version 11.00.32
Fixed: Saving data, loading data, copy/paste command.

01/23/2017 – version 11.00.35
Loading data, saving data, closing the application, editing a Database in Grid View mode, launching Internet Browser, deleting data from Selector, updating data, added a command to display a folder with technical information.

07/20/2017 – version 11.00.36
Updating data, sorting items in Selector, moving items in Selector, printing Notes, printing Grids, operations with Database in Grid View, adding appointments into Calendar, displaying Calendar, converting Notes from old versions of Info Select, saving Database.