Problems with using password

My password is not accepted.
Use lower case letters. Do not enter any spaces. Make sure O’s are O’s and 0’s are 0’s, 1’s are 1’s and i’s are i’s. On PDAs try the keyboard instead of hand-writing.

Make sure you downloaded the right version of the product.

If you received a printed certificate or cardboard CD use its password.

You can’t download a major upgrade and use a password from a prior version. You must order the new version and get a new password.

Make sure the password you are entering is for the version of the application you are running. For example, a password for version 4 will not work if you are trying to run version 5.

If you are in a Beta program, you must download the final release before you can use your activation password.

You can’t use your Info Select for Windows password for Info Select for Palm Organizer – you must order a separate password.

Mayke sure NumLock is set properly when using the numeric keypad.

The program did not ask for my password.
This is normal for certain reinstallations. If you are using Info Select or DiskMapper check your activation status via Help | Activation.