Technical Support

We are ready to help solve any problems you encounter.

Non-technical support
For order processing, passwords, sales, downloading, web site, customer service, etc. click here.

Password problems
Please see the Password FAQ.

Before contacting technical support:

  • Press the F1 key in the application and see the solutions to problems in:
    • the troubleshooting sections at the end of some chapters.
    • the Appendix
    • the “Troubleshooting” or “In case of difficulty” chapters near the end of the documentation.
  • Make sure you install the latest version – check update history here.

Standard support

For First try Then try
Info Select 11 for Windows here here
Info Select 10 for Windows here here
Info Select 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,2007 no longer supported no longer supported

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