Why is my software expiring?

If you are using a beta or very early release the software will expire even if you enter an activation password to insure that you download corrections. Simply download each correction until the final version ships. You were notified about this process on the product main page.

If you were using a trial product you need to order and download the paid version.

If the expiration message includes a data-entry fieldenter your password.

If your activation password is accepted but the application expires on the next run you may have a read-only windows registry. Contact your system administrator.

If you entered your temporary password you need to enter your activation password to use the software beyond the temporary period. Use the menu choice Help | Activation. The Temporary password is given to you when you order. The Activation password is found on the CD itself or if you ordered by Download the password appears on a cardboard CD or on a 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper with a fancy blue border sent to you by US mail in a standard envelope with your invoice. Your activation password should arrive before your temporary password expires.

If you think your activation password was lost in transit click here. Also please see the tips about passwords here.

If you have recently changed your system date reinstall.

If your system date is incorrect set it.

If you installed in non-standard way it can confuse the expiration mechanism – try launching the downloaded file and following the instructions in the normal way.

Make sure the file you downloaded and installed is the version you ordered. For example if you ordered Version 2 but downloaded version 1 your password will not work or expire.